Ullapool weigh bridge

In preparation of building the new weigh bridge we had to erect a secure fence around the working are, which was in the centre of an operational car park.  

The original weigh bridge deck weighed a total of 35 tonnes. The deck was lifted using a 2No cranes. Beams were installed at each manhole position, giving 2 lifting points, one for each crane. 

Slings were attached around the beams to the respective crane and secured prior to lifting. The weigh bridge was lifted onto a lorry and disposed of offsite. Angle sections which surrounded the weigh bridge pit were attached using steel ties cast into the concrete. These ties were burned off in order to remove the angle sections.  

New angle sections were installed around the weigh bridge pit, following the widening of the pit by a minimum of 25mm to accommodate the new weigh bridge. Reinforcement for the new concrete plinths were drilled and fixed in accordance with our drawings. The formwork was erected and the new concrete for the plinths was poured. The formwork was then removed following adequate curing time. 

The weigh bridge manufacturer installed load cells onto the new plinths. This included all associated electrical work. The new weigh bridge was then installed and tested.