castlebay berthing repairs

We completed berthing repairs to Castlebay for Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited. 

We had to remove the existing fuel tank and set it aside in a location which was agreed between the Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd and ourselves. We then provided a temporary electricity supply to the fuel tank.

 The deck furniture (handrailing, staircase etc.) had to be removed and set aside for re-use. The existing paving blocks on the surface of the berthing structure also had to be removed and set aside for re-use. 

The existing storage building and foundation slabs had to be demolished. When undertaking this project, we had to ensure that the existing ducts were protected at all times.  

Lochshell had to regulate and compact existing fill material. We had to provide, place and compact new surface material and then fill material to the underside of the surface material. We also had to provide and install new concrete foundation slab and new inspection chambers including covers. 

After the above works was complete we had to reinstate the existing paving blocks to the levels which were shown on the drawings, reinstate the deck furniture and provide and install new handrails.

 A new storage building was constructed at Castlebay. We then had to reconnect the electrical supply to the new storage building. We were also in charge of the provision of the red-line as-built drawing.