Port Ellen Linkspan

Lochshell Engineering were appointed as Principal Contractor by Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited to undertake the fabrication, delivery, installation and commissioning of a new linkspan for Port Ellen Harbour, Islay.   The existing linkspan at Port Ellen was over 50 years old and showing signs of deterioration, therefore a new linkspan with a greater capacity was commissioned.   

Site survey’s, including the use of ROV, for pre and post works inspections of the sea bed and surrounding areas were carried out. 

Lochshell Engineering’s main responsibilities throughout the contract included: 

  • Preparation of construction phase plans and risk assessments for the fabrication, installation and testing of the new linkspan. 
  • Preparation of detailed fabrication and assembly drawings for the new linkspan structure as well as lifting columns, vehicle barriers, cover plates, parking pins and pulley wheel brackets.
  • Fabrication of the linkspan and associated parts listed above. 
  • Trial assembly of components. 
  • Grit blasting and application of protective paint system, as well as application of anti-slip aggregate to the new linkspan deck. 
  • All associated testing. 
  • Delivery of the new linkspan to site. Bespoke frame designed and fabricated to allow transport via road to Scrabster Harbour. Delivery from Scrabster to Port Ellen via barge. 
  • Removal of existing linkspan using 130 tonne crane following adjustments of hydraulics.  
  • Disposal of existing linkspan. 
  • Installation of new linkspan using 130 tonne crane. 
  • Installation of cover plates and crash barriers. 
  • Cutting of old linkspan for disposal off site. 
  • Supervision of hydraulics installation and testing. 
  • Numerous on site modifications at the request of the client.  

Works undertaken November 2015 - November 2016.