Ullapool Harbour fenders

Lochshell Engineering were appointed Principal Contractor by Ullapool Harbour Trust to undertake modifications to the existing pier of the harbour. The works were undertaken as part of an overall upgrade to facilitate the re-fuelling of the CalMac ferry which operates between Ullapool and Stornoway. 

The works involved the supply and fabrication of 5No new fenders which were fabricated in-house by Lochshell Engineering staff. Following fabrication, fender arrangement was grit blasted and painted to the clients’ specification before delivery. Fabrication and galvanising of 4No access ladders to replace existing corroded ladders.

On site Lochshell Engineering were responsible for the relocation of 2No existing Trelleborg parallel motion fenders. Supply, fabrication and installation of new backing plates for the fenders which were connected to the existing walings. Installation of the new fenders, which included site welding and fitting in tidal conditions. Relocation of existing access ladders to accommodate fender relocations and all temporary works including bespoke access systems.

Cleaning, surface preparation and painting of existing steelwork and roundhead steel sheet piles. This involved the provision of working platforms by scaffold. Removal of existing paint coating, scale and rust. Removal of all organic matter, loose deposits and marine growth. Abrasive blast cleaning to structures. Application of protective paint systems with a dry film thickness of 400 microns. 

Works undertaken October 2014 - January 2016