dunbeath harbour repairs

Lochshell Engineering were commissioned by the Highland Council to undertake the refurbishment of Dunbeath Harbour. The main wave wall had deteriorated, as well as the deck supporting structure suffering from severe spalling and corrosion of reinforcement, affecting structural capacity of the deck. The works consisted of filling the void below the existing pier, replacing the old pier deck and construction of a new wave wall.

The works involved:

  • Filling the void below the existing deck level to restore structural integrity. This was done using bespoke shutters designed, manufactured and installed by Lochshelll Engineering. 
  • Removal of the existing deck, placing of reinforcement and installation of new concrete deck to match existing levels. 
  • Construction of new concrete wave wall. Drill and fix reinforcement to existing wave wall, installation of bespoke shutters and casting concrete to provide additional thickness to prolong structural integrity.
  • Casting of new cope sections to existing wave wall. 
  • Installation of new rock armour protection. 

A number of operations were tide dependent, when the tides were unsuitable works continued at deck level to the inside faces of the existing wave wall. 

Works undertaken February - May 2016.